Selling a Business

To always develop new and innovative practices for buying and selling businesses, protecting client interests, refining the level of services every small and mid-size business owner deserves and should expect to receive. Consulting Italia Group S.p.A. has set the standards by which the sales of privately held businesses are transferred.

  • Consulting Italia Group S.p.A. fills the void for quality service that exists between the real estate and investment banking industries for the sale of privately held businesses.
  • Consulting Italia Group S.p.A. operates with strict confidentiality to protect those sellers whose business could be impacted should their customers, employees, or competitors learn their business is for sale.
  • Consulting Italia Group S.p.A. are full time professionals trained.
  • Consulting Italia Group S.p.A. compiles a confidential Business Profile.
  • Consulting Italia Group S.p.A. professionals recast financial statements and prepare a market valuation exposes your business to thousands of buyers through ITALIA CONSULTING-INT 's corporate website, Deciding to sell?

Hundreds of thousands of businesses change ownership each year, and though the reasons for selling vary, there is one goal that remains constant; maximizing the proceeds from the sale. Consulting Italia Group S.p.A. Business Sales are at the forefront of the profession with Valued Representation for all of our clients. Everyday, more and more business buyers and sellers demand our proven skills and resources to help them succeed in an increasingly complex market. Divestiture of your business is one of the most important transactions you will undertake. You owe it to yourself, your family and your employees to approach this sale with the same careful planning and dedication that you put to work in building your business. That's why your first step should be choosing Valued Representation through Consulting Italia Group S.p.A.. Timing is critical when it comes to selling your business.

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